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Little does she know...

So my IL's are very anxious to be grandparents.  They had kids later in life and now that both of their kids are adults in committed relationships, my MIL is looking at her watch, LOL

They live in PA, and we decided it will be well worth the wait to tell them in person when they visit us on October 15.

So today C gets an email from her mom that says:
"Your brother called to tell me that I'm finally a grandma (at last) - they got a puppy."

Note the "at last" - !!  In just three short weeks, she's got one heck of a surprise coming!!! Wink

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Re: Little does she know...

  • your in-laws sound a lot like my parents :) 

    They are going to be so thrilled when you tell them (at last)!  hehe 

  • That's cute! Be prepared for the tears!

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  • That's great! I can't wait to hear all about her reaction... I bet it will be priceless.

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  • They will be thrilled when they hear your big news! :-)
  • So cute! It will be so worth it to tell them in person!
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  • I dont know how you didnt tell them then!! What a great surprise to have coming!

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