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1st BD in November

I'm stressing about planning my sons first birthday.  His actual BD is 11/4, to avoid Halloween I'm planning it for 11/7.  Worst case I'm planning for 40 adults and 10 kids (ages 3-11).  I don't want to have it at the house but not sure where to have it in November.  I'm currently researching Cider Mills but thinking they might be too far, we live in Troy.  Any ideas...about 40 people, would have to be indoors to account for the weather, not too far from Troy, kid friendly!?!?  TIA!!!! 

Re: 1st BD in November

  • I'm of no help- we were looking @ Metro Parks for DS's 2nd Birthday party (Wolcott Mill in particular), until I found out how much it costs.  Good luck!

    And I totally thought the "BD" in your post title meant "Baby Dance".  :)

  • Do you know anyone that lives in an apt, condo or mobile home?  They usually have a club house/community center that has a nice room with kitchen you can rent, sometimes for no cost!  If you call around, some will even rent to non-residents.  Another idea would be to go to a family restaurant, like Sheilds.  I've heard they have a pizza buffet that's pretty reasonably priced.

    I feel your pain though- we have the same size guest list and I struggled with what to do.  You can never count on Michigan weather either, so you have to assume everyone might be indoors.  We borrowed my parents house, so we'll see how everything goes on Sunday!

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  • We had DS's first birthday party at Shields restaurant in Troy.  The price was reasonable and that staff was wonderful.  They have a private room that will comfortably accommodate your party (we had 35 adults and babies).  I would definitely recommend it.

    You could also check out Marinelli's or The Alibi.


  • LOL - I also thought BD was Baby Dance Smile

    Good luck!

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