Is this 'normal' in 2nd tri?

I am still getting killer headaches.  They are at the back of my head, just above my neck.  I get them almost every day at work.  They make me feel sick, dizzy, and are very painful.

I have one right now and it about killed me to ride down the elevator, walk next door to get lunch, and ride back up 7 floors.

I am drinking lots of water, eating protein for breakfast (peanut butter), caffeine has been cut out for months.

Any other thoughts?

Re: Is this 'normal' in 2nd tri?

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    Give your Dr a call. Severe headaches as you describe can be an indicator of high blood pressure (preE) and needs to be evaluated by your Dr. Of course, it could just be that your body reacts to pregnancy with migraines. I'm not trying to freak you out, but this is probably something you should get checked out today. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Have you talked to your OB?  I don't know if it's normal, but I'd certainly call about it.  It sounds like a migraine, which I also got a few times when I was PG -- but not every day.  When I get them it's caffeine that helps ease the pain.

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    I will second that caffeine as pain relief suggestion.  I would get headaches everyday when I was pregnant and a can of soda would help more than tynenol to give me relief.  I figured that the pain relief was worth it.  But definitely check with your Dr if you haven't already.
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    I was like that too.  And even dizzy and crazy faint a lot without the headache sometimes.  For me - it was just lack of blood circulation.
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