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Friday Feelings

How is everyone?

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Re: Friday Feelings

  • I feel sick.  I feel sick just about all day, just about every day.  I feel tired, as always.

    I am so incredibly happy to be pregnant that I am sometimes overcome with the emotion, but I have to admit that the symptoms are much harder to cope with than I anticipated.  It is exhausting to not feel well all. day. every. day.  I feel like I am constantly trying to gain balance - to eat enough, but not too much; to eat the right things because my likes and dislikes seem to be constantly changing; to go to bed early enough so I can get enough sleep, and to manage to actually sleep the whole time I'm in bed; and to keep it together at work.

    On the days when I really feel awful, it is very hard to hide it at work, and to perform at my normal level.  I'm not ready to tell people though.  I'd like to wait until the end of the first tri - we'll see.  I may have to just tell my boss before then so she doesn't think I'm turning into a slacker.

    So that's where I'm at.  I'm grateful to feel this way rather than the alternative of not being pregnant at all, but it is harder than I thought it would be.

    sahm ~ toddler breastfeeder ~ cloth diaperer ~ baby wearer

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  • Sorry you're having a rough time Brit! I hope it levels off soon :-)

    I'm doing okay.  I'm officially the fattest I've ever been.  Of course I'm happy to be pregnant but weighing in and seeing the scale hit a big # made my stomach turn.  I know I'm not a big girl by any means but it's my body and I have to be the one that is comfortable in it and this is just weird.

    Other than gaining weight things have been okay.  I have good days and bad days but for the most part I'm feeling really good.  I'm super excited to be 12 weeks!

    I spoke to one of our HR directors yesterday about leave and am very happy with what my company offers. It's definitely generous and more than I expected so I'll take it.  I think I'll probably tell my co-workers next week or maybe the day I officially move the 2nd tri if I can wait that long.


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  • I'm feeling... blurghy. This whole week I actually felt GREAT! Better then I had felt since I first got morning sickness almost 12 weeks ago... but then this morning, puked. Blah. Hopefully this is just a one day setback.

    Had a dream last night that I went to my doctor appt on Monday and had gained 15lbs in the past month. Obviously I know that didn't happen, but I was so freaked out about it in the dream. Very weird. 

    I'm really looking forward to our doc appt on Monday since I haven't started feeling movement yet, and even though I know some women don't start feeling it until 20 weeks or even later, I was really hoping I'd be one of the ones that felt it earlier. I just want that doppler reassurance that all is still well! 

    On a nicer note, we got our NT/sequential screen results this morning and they are good. All the numbers are considered in the negative range. Yay! 

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  • i can't believe that tomorrow she will be exactly 8 weeks from the due date. i'm worried about her test results from yesterday, but feeling better about it now that we've both done some more research/reading into it. i am so hoping that by the end of this weekend we'll have a painted nursery--and maybe even a crib set up. i can't wait for him to be here, but i feel totally unprepared for his arrival at the moment. i think having the nursery at least moderately set up will make me feel better about that. and please, don't let me become a stalker of our own registry.

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