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How long do we wait for birth certificate?

I'm looking for info on how long it took for you to obtain your babys birth certificate? Is this something you can leave the hospital with in most cases or is it mailed ot you? Is there ever an option for them to rush the certificate process?

Also, has anyone already applied for a Social Security Card or a Passport for their baby? Obviously they all have to be done in order and I amtrying to calculate how long from the birth I could have all 3 the soonest in my hands.

I am delivery at Cedars is that makes any difference?


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Re: How long do we wait for birth certificate?

  • I applied for a SSN at the hospital.  You have the option to do that there.  I just applied for the birth certificate online, but I have to fax a notorized statement before it ships out in 20-25 days. You can get it next day for $18.
  • My little guy was born in the beginning of July.  We applied for the SSN and birth certificate at the hospital.  The SSN was mailed to us about 3 weeks later and we were told the birth certificate would be ready for pick-up in about 15 days.  I went last Tues to pick it up and was unable to "find" it in the computers.  I was sent downstairs to do an in depth search and luckily I found there.  Apparently, it is available at the heath department first (I had never heard that before) and then it could take a couple months to get to the county registrar.  I am not sure how my baby's birth certificate was ready.  Anyways, it did not make a whole lot of sense to me so make sure you call wherever you go first because it will save you a lot of time waiting in line.  It cost $17 for each copy. 
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  • We applied for the SSN in the hospital; they said it would be mailed to us. Haven't received it yet. They gave us a form to request the Birth Cert but it from LA County but it says to wait at least 4 months to apply for one?! That seems excessive, but we're not in a hurry.
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  • I delivered at Cedars.  You will apply for the SS card at the hospital. 

    As for the birth certificate, Cedars will give you a letter that is proof of birth until you can get the birth certificate.  No one will send you the birth certificate, you have to go pick it up yourself, Cedars will give you the details and the locations where you can pick up.

    Once you have the birth certificate, you can apply for a passport.  Get an application from the post office now (I think you can also get online).  Both parents and the baby must appear together when you submit the application.

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