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Where did you have your baby's 1st Birthday?

I have to invite extended family to my girls 1st Birthday Party (twins) so counting both sides we are talking about 50 adults and 20 kids.

my house is too small to accomodate that many people unless I have it outside in the yard - but dont want to chance the weather for an October party.

I need suggestions as to where I can have thier party

I called Polcaris in Saugus since they have a private room but it is booked their birthday weekend. Anyone have other suggestions?

Re: Where did you have your baby's 1st Birthday?

  • we had planned to have the party at the house but was afraid that it would rain since that is all it did in June. So I started looked at function halls. The Easton KofC was available and the person that does the catering had a room at his catering facility that held up to 50people. he said id we book there then we don;t need to pay a site fee just pay for the food. They are in Birdgewater.

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  • There is a place in Woburn called Jump on In. It has those huge bouncy things for kids. Not sure how old the other kids are, but my god daughter had her 1st birthday there and they all had a blast. There is a place to have lunch too.
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