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Please send your prayers and good vibes

I had cramping over the weekend and today so the Dr. had me come in for an u/s.  I am 7w2d but measuring 6w1d and they could not find a heartbeat.  I'm hoping that I just messed up my tracking and that I figured the timing wrong.  I am going for another u/s Friday and will hopefully see some growth and maybe even a hb.  Any of you ladies experience this?

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Re: Please send your prayers and good vibes

  • I had a similar thing where my u/s dated my pregnancy at about a week behind my original due date based on my period. ?I didn't get checked for a heartbeat until 10 weeks, so hopefully the only reason why they couldn't find one on you is b/c it is still early. ?Good luck and I will be thinking of you!
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  • Oh no Halley! I'll be thinking of you, hopefully it was just too early for the hb still.
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  • Sending positive thoughts your way for a healthy pregnancy!!
  • I will pray for you and send positive thoughts!!!

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