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Underwear with leotard and tights or what?

Should a toddler wear underwear under the tights with the leotard on top or it's not necessary?
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Re: Underwear with leotard and tights or what?

  • DD wears underwear under her tights/leotard. I guess I never thought NOT to do it because I wear underwear when I wear tights/pantyhose.

    Though during ballet class she actually wears a pull-up under her tights & leotard since she has only be potty trained for about 6wks and I'd hate for her to have an accident in class... it's the only time other then bed she wears a pull-up. 

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  • Yup, I put underwear under the tights!
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  • I also put underwear under tights (except her recital, they requested we didn't)

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  • DDs always stuck out the bottom, so sometimes I'd let her go commando.
  • Yep.  Always wore the smallest size she had...even for recital.  I also wear underwear under pantyhose and tights.
  • Mine doesn't wear anything. We were never allowed to when I danced (even when I was little bitty, so I automatically started taking her's off when she started taking classes. None of the other little girls in her class do either.
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  • I put them under DD's tights, this was actually a conversasion that I had with all the other mothers on the first day of dance. All of our DDs wear panties
  • Nope - real dancers never wear undies under - that is how we could separate the experienced dancers when growing up.
  • Yeah, I think so.  I would think the crotch seam in the tights could be uncomfortable.  I always make sure DD's underwear that she wears with her leotard are just plain white - that way there's no big Barbie face or stars or whatever else underwear she has showing through her leotard.

  • At this age it's no big deal, but once she hits 4 or 5, nope, no undies under tights ever!  I was a dancer for years and years, and I can remember even up to age like 14, when girls would come in with their undies sticking out under their tights, oh man, we were merciless to them!!

    There isn't a crotch seam in dancing tights, there is a cotton "panty" area (sorta, but it's not a seam).


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