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Any other Military Spouses?

Any other military spouses out there in San Diego?

 Are you using Tricare Prime or Standard for insurance?

I have a supplemental insurance coverage through my work so I think I'll stay on standard but dont know.

 Know of any good military resources for pregnant ladies or new babies?

Also just wanted to say HI!!

Re: Any other Military Spouses?

  • Hi, I'm currently using Tricare Prime..... I like it because I'm able to use my own doctor and get to deliver at Mary Birch.
  • Hello and congrats!

    My husband and I just recently got re-stationed here in San Diego after 3 years of being in VA. I was standard and became prime when we got back out here, which was the same week we found out I was pregnant! So far so good with prime, the only down side is it seems there is a long wait for appointments at Balboa. 

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  • I just recently got married and we're at Camp Pendleton. I'm on Prime. It's pretty cool. I live 4 hours from here and my husband might be deploying in December around the time the baby is due. I decided to go with my doctor from my hometown so we could be with our families and they were really cool about it. All in all was 50 bucks out of pocket, they covered the rest. As long as the doctor is on the network its fine to continue seeing them.

  • Hi there, I am on Prime and I like it as I am able to see my civilian doctors and will be using Scripps La Jolla.  I have gone to Balboa for other doctors and the wait is insane thus is why I have stuck with civilian docs.  Although several aquancies have used balboa and liked it.
  • Hi! I am moving back to San Diego next week and thought I would check out this board to see if there were any military spouses.  Thanks for this post, its what I was looking for because I will be heading to the tricare office first thing. 
  • I was on prime and Balboa took my referral from my PCM (even though my civilian OB was requested) and they refused to release me. The wait at the Miramar Midwife clinic and at Balboa was crazy- they wouldn't see me until 13 weeks! So I switched to Standard where I can use my civilian OB (who saw me at 8 weeks) and deliver at a civilian hospital, The tricare office estimated I'd end up paying around $300 for the year including all my OB visits and delivery. Hope this helps!
  • HI!

     I am having the same problem. I love being on Standard because I can go to any doctor I want but we are thinking of switching to save money.

     I have heard good and bad things about Balboa so I think we are going to try out Prime and if we don't like it we can switch right back to Standard. It really just depends on if you can find a doctor you like with Prime. If not I would just stick with standard since you have supplemental insurance.

    Military One Source always has amazing resources for everything so I would contact them and see what they offer.


    Hope that helps!



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