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Just signed up for daycare

As much as I hate the fact that I won't be able to be a SAHM (at least not for the first few years) I'm thrilled that our daycare is just down the hall from my office.  Even though I haven't told anyone here at work we are expecting I felt it was important to make sure my little blob had a spot come next June/July.  And it's a good thing I did because she only had 1 opening!  And the best part....it's only $178 a week which will be taken out of my paycheck pre-tax! I'm so glad it's reasonable and I'll be able to go down and visit the baby anytime. The teachers are all really sweet and most of them have been here 20+ years which makes them really easy to trust.  Now this feels so much more real Smile


Re: Just signed up for daycare

  • great.  Daycare was something I got done really early.  It made me feel really good to have that off the list.  Daycare can be so hard to find.  We just had to cancel Ella's daycare for Jan. but are hoping that she will have a spot for us next fall.
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  • That's great!  Can't beat that price, and it will be so nice knowing your little one is so close by!
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  • sounds like the perfect daycare option!
  • That's such a big step to have taken care of- now you wont have to worry about the LO all day- you can just go down and check at any time..

    It will make the transition back to work so much easier for you and what a great price! 


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  • imageabba916:

    That's such a big step to have taken care of- now you wont have to worry about the LO all day- you can just go down and check at any time..

    It will make the transition back to work so much easier for you and what a great price! 

    All very true.  They do close for 2 weeks during the summer and a week at Christmas though so I think I may be hiring you during those breaks :-)


  • Its great that you have that all taken care of, so no worries about it later.

    I've just started getting information packets from some local daycares, which Trav and I can read over before deciding which ones we want to visit (its all a little overwhelming/scary!). I'm jealous that you have one right at work... it would be so nice to just walk down the hall and see the baby! But at the same time it probably wouldn't work for me anyway since I work in the city, so if I wasn't working but still wanted the baby to go to daycare (if I was sick or had appointments or something), I would have to take the baby into the city then take the train back out again. We'll see what happens.

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  • that is awesome!  I have found childcare to be one of the biggest challenges of parenting and it looks like you have dodged that bullet by finding a wonderful solution!  that is great!
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  • That is great! How nice that you will be so close to LO and feel good about the staff already.
  • That sounds perfect! It's so great that you got that last spot!

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  • Being a Preschool teacher I know how hard it is for families to leave their LO for the first time. You are so lucky to be so close to your LO when you go back to work!!!! 
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  • Congrats for checking such a huge item off your "to do" list! I'm so impressed!!
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  • I'm jealous yours is so close!  And so cheap!  lol
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