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Carter's clothes sizes?

OK... So I've heard that Carter's sizes tend to run big, but can anyone estimate how much bigger?  Also what does "size 3" mean?  Does that mean it starts at 3 months, or up to 3 months?  Every other brand seems to have a range.  I'm also confused because some Carter's sizes are in a range while others are not.  Help!   Thanks!

Re: Carter's clothes sizes?

  • For Carter's 3 means 0-3, 6 means 3-6.  I can't really estimate how much bigger, but the carter's clothes were some of the last they would outgrow when they started to outgrow a size.  Similarly, when they were ready to move up a size, the new Carter's size would not fit them yet (because the old size still did). 
  • I have found that Carter's run just a little larger than other brands the same size.  Gymboree and BabyGap size their clothes by 6 month increments (6-12 mos etc.)   My DD wears a 6 mos in Carter's and a 6-12 mos in BabyGap and Gymboree.  The Carter's outfits are smaller than the Gymboree and BabyGap.
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  • When Carter's says 3, I just assume that means "somewhere around 3 months".  Somethings were fitting him when he was barely 3 months and others are still too big on him, even though he's over 4 months now.  Granted my DS is a little on the small side, so I tend to hold something up and see if it looks like his size with a little room to grow.  He was fitting in NB clothes until about last week.

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