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OB/GYN in the Ashburn/Sterling area

Does anyone have a recommendation for an OB/GYN in the Ashburn/Sterling, VA area?  Preferably someone experienced with TTC after 35 and high risk pregnancies. Thanks in advance!

Re: OB/GYN in the Ashburn/Sterling area

  • I just had an appointment at Loudoun Physicians last Thursday - I went to the Leesburg office and saw Dr. Allen. I'm pretty sure all the Dr.'s are women. I was pleased with the office and the staff...my appointment was at 4:00 and it was a new patient appointment and I was in and out by 4:36. I was happy I wasn't stuck in the waiting room for 15-20min.

    I have no info in the second part of your post - But they did give me 6 different pre-natals to try, and told me if I found one I liked to just call back and she would write me a prescription...they seem to deliver a lot of babies, lots of pictures all around. Only don't write TTC on your info form, they didn't know what they meant. ooops.

  • I saw one doc at loudoun physician's for women and she told me to lose weight. i was not happy at all with them.

    ?i decided to see an RE at that point b/c i feel like ob/gyns really don't care what issues i was having TTC.

    i wish i had a recommendation. i have heard good things about dr. neil foster and dr. angela bess, that that is only in terms of the basics and not necessarily TTC after 35 or high risk.

    pm me if you want more info about my lpw experience.?

  • I also go to Loudoun Physicians for Women and have been happy with them.  They are all women in the practice.  They have an office in Sterling and one in Leesburg. 
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    LPW is all women. I don't have any experience with them as a patient, but I know that much. I like Dr Stokes with women's healthcare associates, although i've heard that practice is getting really busy lately. personally i don't really care for dr foster much.

  • Thanks for all your feedback - this is very helpful!!!
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