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Poll: When did you symptoms really kick in?

I'm in my 6th wk and while I feel bloated, gassy and have heartburn I am not experiencing much else in the way of M/S or sore BB's.

 I'm bracing myself each Monday for the onslaught--and yet...

So when did your pregnancy symptoms give you a swift punch in the sore BB's? 

Re: Poll: When did you symptoms really kick in?

  • The MS was really bad from weeks 8 thru about 14.  Craved frozen lemonade and all kinds of food.  I never vommited, but I was nauseous all the time.  Boobs were sore from day 1 and until now are a pain in my a**. 

    Never had any round ligament pain.  But these days my pains are the BH contractions and my upper back (prob from the boobs)

  • I wasn't too bad throughout the pregnancy. MS hit between weeks 10 and 11. I only threw up once but I would feel a little nauseated every day driving home from work. I found these ginger candies at TJ's that helped with that.

    I had some calf cramps and RLP at night occassionally, but that was mainly in the second trimester.

    Otherwise I started getting swollen feet around week 32 that progressed into horrible shrek feet by the time I delivered. Took about 2 weeks PP for them to get back to normal.

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  • I think ms started around 8 weeks and lasted until 18 or so. I don't remember my boobs being sore. Besides being huge, and uncomfortable in the end and ms in the beginning I didn't really have to deal with any other "symptoms". Maybe you'll miss the ms and sore bb! :)
  • Good insight ladies, and beautiful babies!!!!

    So I shouldn't be concerned about the lack of symptoms.  I just get concerned when my appetite hasn't increased, I'm not exhausted, no m/s and only slightly sore BB's, mostly firstthing in morning.  


    How concerned should i be about how much I eat?  I haven't increased calories b/c the book says not necessary till 2-3 trimesters.  But sometimes i get so busy at work that I skip a snack and delay my next meal...is that bad during first trimester, as in detrimental? Suppose I'll ask the Doc next week. 

    My first appt is next week should I ask the Doc anything in particular or is the first visit so comprehensive that I'll be inundated with info?

  • Not everyone gets MS. I didn't have it. I only had the symptoms you are speaking of as well. My boobs got sore and starting getting big in the beginning of the 2nd tri.
  • I'm at 20 weeks and just started to have one of the typical 'symptoms' (heartburn...bleh!!)  I kept looking for they onslaught as well but they never came lol.  My doc said if I didn't have the symptoms I shouldn't go looking for them but it was hard because I didn't 'feel' pregnant until I felt my little guy start to move at 18 weeks.  Smile

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