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migraines in the 2ww

yet again, I have a rocking migraine in the 2ww...my usual hardcore meds aren't an option...any methods that you have gotten relief from?  Indifferent

Re: migraines in the 2ww

  • My neurologist gave me Americet for the 2ww and said it was ok to take one or two here and there.  Sorry, I know that probably doesn't help you now, but maybe you could ask your doc. for the future.  OTC meds don't work me.

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  • Hey...happy long weekend! I'm sorry you have a migraine, they suck!  Nothing that's "safe" works for me either.  The only thing I can recommend is to go lay in a dark room with a cold cloth on your head and sleep it off...not fun I know.  Oh, sometimes Gatorade takes the edge of a little.  I'm not sure why but it works on occasion.

    I didn't know you were in the 2ww...sending lots of good vibes your way! Keep me updated.

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  • *HUGZ*  I too suffer from migraines in the 2ww...I find that *sometimes* taking two of the Tylenol Ultra (not sure if you have them down in the states...they are extra extra strenght Tylenol with caffein) and a coke will work.  Hang in there!



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  • i have them bad myself. usually excedrin is my only relief (but not an option now).  The only thing that seems to help is a few tylenol, cold washcloth on my neck and forhead, darkness and peace and quiet, and if the cold doesnt help I'll switch to a heating pad.

    sorry- i know what you're going through


  • Thanks ladies!  I ended up caving and taking some excedrin migraine (I figure a little bit of acetametaphin and caffeine won't hurt) and took it with a gatorade...it has receded to just a normal bad headache now...phew! 
  • tylenol, a coke and a nap gl i hope it goes away soon
  • I have been getting bad headaches this 2ww too.  I take extra strength tylenol and I have to sleep it off. It doesn't seem to go away unless I can sleep it off...headaches suck!  Good Luck during your 2ww~!
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