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pediatrician questions

i'm setting up interviews with pediatricians in preparation for our little monkey, and i'm getting my list of questions together. i'm mostly just using some suggested lists and tweaking what we want to ask, but...

any LGBT-specific questions you can think of that we might want to ask?

i have a couple already, but you folks aways think of things i don't!

Re: pediatrician questions

  • We didn't ask any LGBT specific questions - we just went along based on the way the staff treated us and our interaction with the doctor we met with.  Everything was/has been fine and we are treated like 2 parents to our kids.

    But this is pretty much the way we treat everything. We rarely bring up the LGBT issue directly, while of course making it known. When we were just looking at preschools, I'd say, "My partner, L, will be coming over today to look at the facility." And then when L would show up she'd talk about her/our children. People got it. And thankfully, we never got any attutude - and if we had, they'd of been off the list.

    Wow. That was a long answer to an easy question. Embarrassed

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