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Any recommendations on Childbirth Classes?

I'm a first timer and wanted to get some recommendations on classes in the area. 



Re: Any recommendations on Childbirth Classes?

  • What aspects of childbirth are you interested in? Do you want a natural birth, or are you more interested in learning about the process and how things will go at the hospital?

    The hospital where you plan to deliver should offer childbirth classes, where they will walk you through what to expect and the different policies at that hospital. Birthworks (which I used) and Bradley method classes will help you learn all about the process and different methods you can use to give birth naturally. These are private classes and usually a little more expensive than the ones at the hospital.

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  • I am delivering at Sibley & took the class there. I wouldn't recommend it. We got very little more than what's in an average pregnancy book. I would start by doing more research on the different types of classes available & see what suits you best (Lamaze, Bradley, Hypnobirthing, etc.).

    The class at the hospital was VERY basic and didn't offer much in the way of getting to know the hospital itself, like I had expected. I wish I had done more research before selecting a class myself. 

     Good Luck

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  • I loved our Bradley class.  Our instructors can be reached at:


    [email protected]

  • Thanks, everyone for you suggestions!
  • Thanks, everyone for your suggestions!
  • I just watched a ton of TLC & Discovery Health.  I figured since insurance didn't take care of the class, I didn't wanna spend $150 for it.  The more Baby Story & Labor Day (or whatever those shows are called) I was able to see how different scenarios played out. I also read a bunch.  Luckily I had an amazingly easy labor/delivery so didn't regret not taking any classes. 

    Maybe if you're planning on going natural it'll help, but I knew I wanted an epidural so figured I'd just listen to the nurses and all would be fine. Good Luck!


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