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Just wondering if anyone can recommend their midwives in the Seattle area? I just started looking into this idea & would appreciate any thoughts, experiences & recommendations! Thank you.

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  • Are you looking for midwives that practice in a hospital (CNMs) or home birth/birth center midwives? With DS, we used the midwives at Swedish Ballard (Swedish Midwifery and Women's Health), if you are looking for a hospital birth, I highly recommend them! There are a few others on the board who have used the same practice. Group Health also has a midwifery group that I have heard great things about. (A few other hospitals offer similar groups- but I only researched Seattle proper.) There is currently only one birth center IN Seattle which is at Seattle Home Maternity in Columbia City. They have midwives on staff there, but there are also many independent midwives who can use the birth center. We are going to do a home birth with this baby and are in the process of choosing a midwife. We've interviewed with Seattle Home Maternity, Rainy City Midwifery and Fremont Midwifery. All of the services provided are pretty identicial- we are just going to go with the best fit. We are going to interview one more (Christina Gutierrez at Seattle Healing Arts Center) before making our final decision.

    I have also heard good things about Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland- but it is just too far to drive for us. Good luck, we are very lucky to live in a place with so many great birthing options!

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  • We went with Puget Sound Birth Center and love love love them (Eastside Midwives)! They are CPM/ LMs. I also worked with Erin Curtiss, who I think does more of homebirths, etc. She was the one who delivered ds, actually. I really really liked her, and was very impressed by her. Here is here info:


    Are you looking for a hospital setting with a midwife, or a birth center? GL!! 

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  • Oh- and feel free to page me if you have any specific questions, etc. I could talk all day about them :) 
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  • I interviewed Christina Guttierez, Geraldine Lee, Tracy McDaniel, and Sue Edmison.  Decided to go with Geraldine.  They are all licensed midwives, though Tracy and Christina are also naturopaths.  This website has a good list, though Expecting the Best is on hiatus right now.



  • If you are looking for hospital based midwives, I love the midwife group at the Center for Women's Health at Evergreen.  I saw all of the midwives throughout my pregnancy and then I knew the on call midwife who was with me through my entire labor and delivery.  Many of them check in on me throughout my time in the hospital too :)
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