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If your not in the mood for Christmas, don't read...

I just had to say that today, my job at work  was to fluff the Christmas bows for Santa's Wonderland....which is set to open November 8th at my job.  (I do special events for my company)

Christmas is coming alot faster than I first thought.  I've had Santa stalkers for 2 and a half months now!

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Re: If your not in the mood for Christmas, don't read...

  • My mother's rule was no Christmas decorations, music, etc. until 12/1.  I will do the same when I have kids.  Target has had Halloween shit_out for over a month.  WTF?

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  • image kdodge423:

    Why? Why did I open this?

    It's not even Labor Day FFS people. Jesus H. Christ.

    Exactly WTF! we did not really have a warm summer in Chicago felt like fall! ughh  

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  • I really enjoy Christmas.  My DH and I were married the weekend after Christmas, our wedding cake was a Village Scene,  It was really cool,  I think I like it most because my parents are apart of really large families and that is the time we all end up getting together, even the out-of-staters.  I know, everyone can call me crazy, but it kinda makes me happy.


    Married 2007
    DS - 5/2010
    DD - 6-2013
    TTC #3 - Cycle #9

  • I enjoy Christmas and the traditions that come along with it, but Dec. 26 the decorations come down! 
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  • I work part time at a hallmark store. On July 4th, I was putting out the Keepsake Christmas Ornaments while a local radio station was playing halloween music "just for fun". My brain almost exploded that day.
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  • DH LOVES Christmas, and we were apart for most of the season last year, so the joke around the house this year is that decorations will go up after Halloween...

    I think he's just kidding... 

  • I love Christmas and everything that comes with it! Bring it on! = )
  • Oooh, what a fun job it sounds like you have.  I'm jealous!  I looove Christmas!!
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