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I'm so sad, please help my friend. (NBR)

Sorry gals, I don't usually post stuff like this but I've been crying for an hour and I just need to put this out there in the hopes some kind souls well help and/or pass this on to others.

My friend Jorge is such a wonderful person and I'm so upset at how he's getting screwed by the system. I hate to think of what he and his wife are going through and how desperate they must feel.

If you have a minute, *please* read. And if you have $5, every tiny little bit helps. And if you know anybody else who would donate $5, please send his page to them.

Thank you!


Re: I'm so sad, please help my friend. (NBR)

  • I am so sorry for them, that must be so frustrating! They are in my thoughts!! I hope he gets his treatment.
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  • Oh Anne, I am so sorry for your friend.  That is just awful.  I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Pearly- I practice SS law.  Give me a shout at mrskiltlifter at gmail dot com and let me see if I can help!
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  • Anne,

    Have you linked this on FB? Can I?

    I am so sorry for your friend and I would love to put this on my FB page. There is a FB icon at the bottom of the letter, that's why I thought of it!

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  • So awful...it's cases like these where the privatization of health care doesn't sound too terrible!
  • I am so sorry for you friend. He is in our thoughts and prayers as well.
  • Thanks, everybody.

    Katie - yes, FB is great. Thanks.

    MrsKiltlifter, I'll shoot you an email. Thanks so much.?

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