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Mini Laptops?

So DH is ordering a new lappy next week and it comes with a free mini 10 inch lappy. How cool is that. Well I think its like an extra 50 dollars, but anyway he said he wants me to have it so if i get pregnant I can use the computer from the couch or the bed. He is too sweet.

So if you have one do you like it. Pros/Cons? 


Re: Mini Laptops?

  • First PIP, glad it worked.
  • From what my DH says (and he's an IT guy) there basically the same as a regular notebook.  So as long as it has what you need for it, it should work great.  He thinks they're just amazing.  Almost bought me one, but I prefer a regular size laptop. 
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  • I'm on a MSI Netbook right now! I use it while I'm at work. I love it! Works same as a laptop, fits easily in my bag to bring to the station.
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  • I have a mini in addition to my regular macbook.

    I got it for school because I didn't want to take my expensive computer on campus (lots of robberies on campus--- neat, huh?).

    The one I have has a very small hard drive making it pretty useless for storing anything. So that is a con.

    I use it to take quick notes (which I store on a flash drive) or mess on the internet during class. Also, skype works well with it. Not fuzzy or laggy.

    The battery life is well over 6 hours (huge pro!).

    I love mine. It doesn't get used a ton but when it does it really comes in handy.

    Have fun with it! 

  • I have been thinking about getting one just to get on the internet. I have enough flash drives to store anything I might need.  I am on the internet way too much as it is but I would like to be able to use my full size for something other than internet. Keeping viruses off the full size would be the biggest plus. I think I am talking myself into it more and more every day.
  • Where did he get such a good deal? I need to buy a new laptop, mine is old!

  • Thanks ladies. I'm super excited now! Its from, he is an IT man so he is going all out for his. like 2,600. :ouch:
  • I had an Acer. I hated it. We ended up taking it back. It was too slow, I couldn't get on facebook all that easy, or play any of the games I do on there. Most of the internet was slow. I also couldn't get used to the keyboard or screen size. We ended up taking it back, and buying a cheap laptop from Best Buy, which I LOVE. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it doesn't have a card reader like my old one.
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