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NBR: Tell me about Willows Lodge!

I'm looking for an overnight getaway for our anniversary and I've heard Willows Lodge mentioned a few times on the boards.  If you've been, tell me about it!  How are the rooms/setting?  What's fun to do nearby?  If you tried the spa, how was it?  I was thinking of booking massages or something as a treat.

Also, it looks like there are two restaurants: Barking Frog and Herb Farm?  Which is better?  I saw that Herb Farm does a multi course menu that changes daily.  If you've gone to Barking Frog, anything divinely delicious we should order? 

Oh and should I just book on their web site, or is their a better way to book a good deal?  I signed up for their mailing list for offers and such.  Phew, I think that's all!  ;)



Re: NBR: Tell me about Willows Lodge!

  • K - Love Willows Lodge!  A) Buy the gift cards at Costco (good at Willows and Barking Frog) for $100 gift card/$79.99. B) Call and ask for their best rate or specials.  They have been running some really great ones. If you are celebrating something, let them know. We were there for our anniversary and I told them and we got a bottle of wine in our room and 2 free glasses of wine in the bar ($12 glasses of wine!).  Barking Frog is less expensive than Herb Farm (usually a pricier place but exceptional food)., Barking Frog does have great food though and you can use those gift cards there as well. Take some time and also do some wine tasting around there at the local wineries if you can - great excuse to indulge.  I highly recommend - let me know if you have any other specific questions.
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  • I love Willows Lodge!! We stayed there for our wedding night & it is a beautiful place. I have never eaten at the Herb Farm (I have heard there can be a long reservation wait?) but have had a lovely lunch years ago at Barking Frog. There is also Purple Cafe up the street which is pretty delish. Also, the Burke Gilman trail is nearby if you are interested in walking/biking for a morning or afternoon. Redhook is next door for dinner/drinks/bands playing I believe on the weekend evenings. Have a WONDERFUL time!
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  • I prefer Purple over the Braking Frog, but both are yum!
  • I stayed at Willows Lodge when it was soooo hot - it's soooooo nice there.  I LOVED it.  Barking Frog is good (I got engaged there).  I've never been to the HerbFarm - I heard you need to make reservations a long time in advance and then the dinner takes hours and hours. 
  • This is the best hotel in the state (IMO) beautiful and the rooms are amazing!  DH and I have stayed their twice. Once at his sister's wedding (her reception was there) and another for our wedding anniversary.  We haven't ate at either places though, my friend liked the barking frog though. You can also get packages when booking I think it's the romance package and you get a 100 credit to the barking frog, and they put rose petals in the bath. 


  • Thanks for all the feedback so far, it sounds like a great place!!  I'll have to check out those Costco gift cards. 

    If anyone has tried the spa, let me know what you thought!  A massage sounds fabuloussssss, maybe the hot stone one?  I've never had one but it sounds blissful! 


  • My bro and his wife go there for their anniversaries, they love it.  And the spa is so amazing, my brother even got a facial [shhh, no one is supposed to know about that...]


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  • Nothing to add except that we LOVE Willows Lodge and are staying there  for our anniversary as well this month.  We spent our wedding night there and also had our rehearsal dinner in one of their private rooms.  Beautiful rooms and great food.  I highly recommend!
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