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Peed on a stick...

and it was negative! (phew..) Party!!!

But now I'd like to know whats up! If my period is gone for good and Im going to have to rely on tests to tell me Im not pregnant every month, its gonna suck. Maybe its time to think of another bc methood...

Re: Peed on a stick...

  • Even when you are not trying and you pee on a stick and it comes out negitive it is kind of a let down and then it is a phew! What a roller coaster! Good luck finding a new bc.

  • Whew, glad it is what you want! I wouldn't worry too much (if you can help it) with the IUD is like 99.999% effective...but I know not getting a period is a little nervewracking no matter what.
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  • Good for you lady! I am glad you finally did it. Now I can get off your back!
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  • Yes  I'm glad you don't have to worry about it anymore!
  • Phew! Yeah, I thought I wanted an IUD, but now I'm leaning towards no. It would freak my freak not to get my period every month.
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