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WWYD? Clothes sizes for fall

Dilemma - DS is very in between sizes right now. 12-18 pants are too short (but fit in waist). 18-24 pants are big in the waist and long.  12-18 shirts fit, 18-24 are huge. If I put him in these clothes he looks funny but it would be stupid to buy fall clothes in 12-18 months right? Just stick with the bigger sizes. The kid has gained 5 pounds since he was 6 months old - he's just gotten taller and is constantly on the go but an awesome eater. I can't complain just no idea how to buy clothes for him now. Help me not waste my money.


Re: WWYD? Clothes sizes for fall

  • This sounds exactly like Kaylin. We are buying 18-24 for her now. All of the pants I buy her now are adjustable waist since she is so long!!  I try to gradually migrate her wardrobe with the unpredictable weather we have anyway.
  • We're having this same problem!  I'm going with bigger though.  I just bought a bunch of 18-24mo sweats and will just roll them up till they fit.  I also bought a pair of 2T Polo jeans that are way too long but the butt looked better on him than the 18month.  He'll just look like a nerd for a couple months but darn it I'm getting my money out of them!!  LoL
  • Cruz grew 5 1/2 inches from 18mo to 2.  I would buy 18-24 for sure!  Right now I have been just rolling sleeves up as well as cuffs and if the waist in pants are too big I just use a thread and needle and bring them in on each side for now and then I can cut the thread and let them back out if need be.
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  • Thanks gals - I knew this was likely the scenario for others. We'll just have big stuff until he grows. I too want to get my money out of everything so C will just have to swim in these clothes for a bit - oh well, not the first or last time I'm sure.



  • We're in the same boat except the waist fits on 18-24 but the 12/18 length is what he needs.  everything is cuffed. I'm hoping he'll have a length growth spurt soon.

    I guess I can't buy Gage's cast offs at the Bumpie swap.  Poo.

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