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Diaper rash - I know it's been asked before

Sorry, we should have a FAQ for baby questions, don't you think?? 

Anyways, M has had way more messy diapers the last couple days and now she's pretty red, we usually just put a little A&D ointment on her but I think she needs something thicker, maybe more of a paste/lotiony consistency.  Is that the Butt Paste stuff, or what would you recommend?



Re: Diaper rash - I know it's been asked before

  • If it's red and a little raised looking, it could be yeast, and then Lotrimin works well on it.   If it's super bad, my ped had me make a paste out of butt paste, corn startch and lotrimin.   If it's sunny out and you can juts let her be naked outside, that should help a lot too.
  • Yeah always make sure it's not a yeast infection first!!

    When Gage has really bad rashes we do Maalox, let it dry and then put aquaphor on top.  Works really good!

  • Not raised, just super red, probably from all the wiping we've had to do to clean the gunk off.  :(  We're trying to be really gentle but she's crying even just barely patting her clean. 

    I more wanted to know which treatments have a thicker/soothing kind of consistency, because I didn't think BRU would look kindly on me squirting out samples of diaper rash tubes at their store.  :)~


  • I love butt paste! That sounds funny!
  • We have a whole host of creams and lotions because Kaylin gets horrible diaper rash everytime she is getting a tooth. The best "thick & creamy" one is Aveeno. Butt Paste is good, but in a different way.
  • I loved Butt Paste for the thicker stuff.

    If that doesn't start to help, or it gets worse, I'd suspect yeast.   A&D and Butt Paste will both trap moisture and make a yeast rash worse.

    I got some Target brand of Desitin and it was WEIRd and oily and gross.  Don't get that!

  • Triple Paste - DS had horrible diaper rash from birth to about 8 weeks. This was the thickest and best stuff ped recommended.

  • I make my own from a recipe that our Ped gave us - hydrocortizone + butt paste or desitin + lotrimen af... works wonders!  We usually just use the cortizone and the desitin for minor rashes and if it gets really bad, I add the lotrimen to the mix.

    Hope M feels better soon!

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