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Hey Emily! I saw your pictures of your GNO with the paintings on Facebook and wondered where you went to do that.

I am going to Farmhouse in the City with the girls at work tomorrow evening and wondered if that is where you went. All your paintings look great..it is giving me hope that my painting skills will have somehow improved since the last time I painted in 9th grade ;)

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  • We went to just for giggles. It's in crabapple area and VERY fun!  You can go to www.just-for-giggles.com  I've been there 2 times and their paintings are really fun/cutsie.  I've also done 4 paintings at Sips n Strokes, it's in Marietta area off of johnson's ferry near the walmart and YMCA.  www.sipsnstrokes.com love their work too, but it's further away for me now. 

    They totally walk you through it and will help/correct you if need be so that you won't be disappointed when you leave. 

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