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~*~Spinoff: Jas post from Knemo~*~

So, Tami was in Katie's dream last night.

Tiffany - you were in mine last night :D

Re: ~*~Spinoff: Jas post from Knemo~*~

  • And last week (I think?) Angel and I both had dreams about Chibi. What is it about this site??
  • I think we are spending too much time w/one another if we are dreaming of each other. Or not enough!!
    The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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    Maxwell Joseph 4/09 Lucy Violet 10/12

  • image KNemo:
    Or not enough!!

    I vote this!

    Now that Madelyn is older and I'm more able to get out and about with her (without the dang pump I was tied to when she was itty bitt), I really wish I could have a second maternity leave....  weekends are so tough when you only have two days, are trying to stick to a nap schedule, and only see your husband on those days as well!

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