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I LOVE the new photo of your DD!  She just gets cuter and cuter!
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Re: emack!

  • Awww, thanks! She is a sweetie pie. How is your DS? How did his 6 month appointment go? I can't believe how big they are getting. We keep trying to make it to stroller happy hour but have not been able to. I'm hopeful that maybe in a couple of weeks we'll be able to get there. Maybe we can see you there?
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  • I just wanted to say hi to you both too, since I remember all being due around the same time.  The kids grow too fast!!!!  Smile
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  • Grady is doing great!  I need to post a photo.  I'm not so savvy with all this fancy signature photo stuff!  The six month appointment was good.  He was not so happy with the shots though!

    I was off last Thursday but was not able to make the happy hour.  I will try to get up there sometime soon.  I'll email ya!

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