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Estradiol CD3 Question??

Hello everyone! We have MFI & we're going to try IUI#1 hopefully this cycle. When I had my CD3 U/s & bloodwork, they said my estradiol was a little elevated. It was 79. They said that they like to see it at 50 or under. My RE said it could just be b/c i'm getting older (only 30 though) and the ovaries are not working as well anymore. My friend looked up info which said even between 80-100 is borderline, not necessarily high. Do others have thoughts on what they've heard?? I also read though that my FSH being low enough to be "normal" could be artificially bringing down the estradiol #, so it could actually be higher (but that was just one possible scenario in reading). Thanks!


Re: Estradiol CD3 Question??

  • My E2 was 64 and my RE also said it was elevated. She also likes to see under 50. I had a low antral follicle count so she diagnosed me with dominished ovarian reserve (I'm 25!) but she said the diagnosis would be confirmed based on how I responded to meds (I responded better than she expected, but I haven't asked if she still thinks it's DOR). Like you, I also read that a high estraidol level can artificially lower FSH. Did your RE recommend you take an aggressive treatment route? I did my first IUI two weeks ago, but it was unsuccessful. Hopefully you'll have better luck.
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  • I tend to have higher E2 on day 3 as well. I've had 75 and in the 80's. It's not always correlated to deflating FSH and therefore having diminished ovarian reserve. For example I had my last IVF canceled because of over certainly I don't have DOR. I've tried to find some reading on it and I really can't find much. The closest thing I've found was that if you start off with higher E2 then your hormone levels are further along in the follicular phase than they should be. For some reason unknown that is bad.

     Do you know when you ovulate naturally? Naturally and on clomid I was ovulated day 11 or 12 so on the early side. And I kind of thing my hormone levels rise faster than my eggs can truly mature. So I don't know that I'm always ovulating the best eggs I can. That's all my hypothesis though. I just think there is some disconnect between my hormone levels.

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  • I also have elevated E2 on CD3.  Once my E2 was 53 and my FSH 4.8, another time my E2 was 79 and my FSH 4.1.  I just had it tested again but am too scared to call and get the results and they haven't called me.

    I was afraid I had DOR b/c of this, but my RE doesn't think I have DOR.  His partner also examined me and doesn't think so.  They are basing that on the fact that my FSH was still normal and my antral follicle count and ovarian volume.  They didn't say this, but possibly also based on how I'm responding to Clomid.

    My Dr. said that yes it can be a sign of DOR, but there are lots of other causes.  He said E2 can be released in spurts, that it can be higher b/c of spotting and some of the corpus luteum remaining, and also that it is occassionally higher in patients with endo.  These last two explainations I didn't get the full story on.

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  • Mine was 59 and my dr didn't seem too concerned.  I am 38, though, so maybe he expected mine to be on the high side.

    I do tend to O early (cd 10-11) when not on clomid.

  • I am guessing DOR means decreased/depleted ovarian reserve? Wasn't in glossary and I'm still learning. I also O on CD10 or 11 normally and I'm hoping that the clomid does push back my O this time around b/c otherwise we'll miss it with my husband traveling for work this week! Anyway, thanks so much for the help - you all are great!
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