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solids, part II

Wow, what a difference a month makes!! You ladies were totally right ;-) (as usual)

I'm not sure if you remember, but I posted a month ago that we were trying solids and that Warner was just having none of it and that I thought it might be too early. Many of you suggested waiting another month or so. Now that Warner is 5 months we decided to go ahead and try again and it was a totally different experience. He was lunging for the spoon and gobbled up the whole bowl of cereal in no time. Every time he swallowed a spoonful he would smile really big and put his hands out for was too cute :-) (and much better than him making an awful face, turning his head from the spoon and spitting it all out!!)

Re: solids, part II

  • Gald to hear things are working out!  Just a heads up and this is not to say that this will happen to you but after about 2 months of eating solids, my DD wanted nothing to do with them. She would spit it out, smack my hand away, or turn her head.

    Don't know why just did and I really didn't worry much since formula is still supposted to be the main source of nutrition. But she went back to normal soon after but she did have trouble if anyone other than myself tried to feed her. It took some time at daycare but she finally came around.

  • Yay!!  It was fun going through all the grain cereals.  Barley was the hardest to find, we bought it at Babies R Us. Molly loved them all.  Once they are all introduced you can mix them.  Rice/Oatmeal is a particular fave.  This weekend we begin with stage 1 foods.  I'm hopeful it will be as good an experience.     
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  • I've been looking for Barley every where!!  Even tried Babies R Us with no luck.  We introduced rice cereal and oatmeal and then just started with fruits and veggies, one new food every three days or so.  Last night was green beans which was greeted with multiple disgusted looks! Too cute!
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  • Oh Barley is not hard to find at all.  It's in several Earth's Best foods and it was the cause of our third trip to the ER.  Good times.
  • How fantastic! I don't post much, but I do remember your previous post about Warner's first try at solids.

    Sounds like he's on his way to being a good eater :-)

  • That's the way it worked for us too.  here is her first time with rice cereal.  NOT good times.


  • Fun!

    Along those lines, here is how DD #2 enjoyed rice cereal the first time:


    And here is how she "enjoyed" applesauce the first time:



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  • wow it's been a month since that post??

    great it's working out!

    after u've tried them all, u can buy a box that has a mix of them, it also has spelt which is wheat so that's a good way to try out wheat (but only after you've already tried all the other grains so that if there is an allergic reaction, u'll know what caused it)

  • Congrats!  I think some babies just need that little bit of extra time.
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  • Mstavish I found Barley at the Babies R Us at Bailey's Crossroads.  I saw it long before we were looking for it at Whole Foods in Tysons as well but when I went back to actually buy it they were out.
  • Love the photos!  G seems to be sort of bi-polar about rice cereal.  He reaches for the spoon but spits out most of it when it is in his mouth!  I am looking forward to trying oatmeal to see if he likes it any better.
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  • Those photos are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. They made my morning. My DD hates the rice but likes the oatmeal as long as we mix it with bananas or something. I thought she hated solids until I started trying fruits and veggies, which she loves (with the exception of green beans) and realized it was the cereal she didn't like. It has been so much fun for us watching her experience these things for the first time. The raspberry blowing while eating...cute, but a huge mess!!!
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  • great photos!

    here's 1 of several photos of DD with her 1st lemon (she put it in her mouth by herself) a couple of weeks ago (I think I scewed a little trying to make it smaller but you get the idea)

  • I love all of these pictures, so adorable. Reminds me to photograph DD when she tries rice cereal in upcoming weeks. :-)

    Bh, glad Warner liked solids this time around!

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