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Marley is having a sleep study on Sunday night. She has been a very loud snorer for the last year and now she is having periods of apnea. 

I have no idea what to expect but I assuming that I will having a very long and sleepless night.

Has anyone else's DC had a sleep study done? Any advice? 


Re: sleep study

  • My little one hasn't had one but my big one has.  Smile

    My DH has had a couple of sleep studies done for apnea.  They put him in a room with a bunch of electrodes on him (pretty much everywhere they could stick one, they stuck one) and said goodnight, closed the door, and monitored him from another room for 6-8 hours.  They didn't even enter the room until the test was over.  Again, this was as an adult so it might be different for little ones.

    Hopefully you and Marley are able to get some sleep!  Good luck!

  • Doug had one when he was almost 4 months old.  He was born with an extremely narrow upper airway, and his ENT was trying to decide if he needed a trach or not. Luckily he passed the study, so we didn't need to get a trach. Doug is an extremely loud breather, both when he is awake and when he is asleep. 

    You won't get much if any sleep during the study, but hopefully Marley will. They will attach electrodes to her head with a really smelly glue. I think Doug had 17 electrodes on his head. There will also be something in front of her nose and mouth to measure the flow of air. She will have monitors strapped around her belly to measure movement. She will also have a heart monitor and a pulse oximiter attached to her. Once she gets all of the things attached, she will be expected to fall asleep, and the technicians will monitor her through either cameras or a two way mirror. We only saw the technicians during the night when Doug pulled off his heart monitor wires. The study lasted for 8 hours, then he was detached from the equipment. We got the results 2 weeks later.  

    Best wishes during the test and hopefully they can figure out why she is having apnea spells.  

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  • We haven't had one done, but I just wanted to wish you guys good luck!
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  • How did it go?  Sorry I'm late to the conversation.  We had one too to check for sleep apnea. 

    The worst part was that nasty glue stuff that I couldn't get out of his hair for weeks.  I was told to try baby oil, but that just made him an oily matted haired mess.  :) 

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