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Infant hypertension?

Does anyone have experience with this?  My son is 3 mos and was in the hospital last week because they thought he had meningitis (he didn't thankfully).  While there, they noticed his blood pressure was elevated.  We saw his pedi yesterday, and it was still high.  Everytime they check it, they have a hard time getting readings.  We are seeing a nephrologist next Friday, but the waiting is killing me.  I know it may be associated with congenital kidney or heart problems.  He is otherwise a totally happy/healthy little boy. 

Re: Infant hypertension?

  • My son has hypertension, but he also has congenital heart disease. His blood pressure is actually higher than mine when he is not medicated. He takes blood pressure medicine twice a day. 

    I'm glad you are getting this checked out and hope that is is nothing too serious. Hopefully his pressures are just high from squirming during the reading.  

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