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DH is making me mad tonight!

He got Ella up from her nap and brought her downstairs to play.  She clearly wanted his attention, but he was too busy playing some game on the computer to pay attention to her.  She got really mad and I came to entertain her. 

He wouldn't stop playing on the computer even after I said something to him.  The next time he complains about how little time he gets with her, I just may lose it!

He is now upstairs trying to get her to eat her last bottle - unsuccessfully, b/c she is so upset.  I told him to put her in the bath and try again afterwards, since she is generally a lot more calm after a bath.  I also wanted her down by 8:15, but she is just getting in a bath now.  So much for all my hard work keeping her on a schedule.

Okay, vent over now!  Between this and the glass of wine I just finished, I feel much better now! :)

Re: DH is making me mad tonight!

  • I can relate to this post sometimes. DH loves his computer and watching sports on tv. Macy will be doing something cute and seeing if he is looking which he isn't and it makes me mad. I give her a lot of attention to reinforce to her that she is doing is good. He also complains that he doesn't spend as much time with her. But that is what he choses to do since he plays golf and goes to the gym, Ugh, Men! I think they are missing a part of the common sense brain that we already have.
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  • I feel you!!  My DH is always on the computer too.  I could have used some of your wine last night too! 


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