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Two week countdown before going back to work - Advice?

I'm heading back to work on Sept. 14 and DD will be going to daycare for the first time. We are going to do an introductory visit next week where DD and I will go to daycare for a few hours, bring her supplies, and bring all of her paperwork. Then on my first day of work, I?m having DH drop her off at daycare so that I can be on time to work and so I don?t have to worry about an emotional good-bye. I?ve also labeled all her stuff and I have counted that I have enough outfits for daycare.

Any other advice - practical or psychological to gear up for the big day?

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Re: Two week countdown before going back to work - Advice?

  • We really, really love DD's daycare provider but on the first day I dropped her off and I did cry. I was not upset about going back to work and I was totally comfortable with her care and I still had a hard time. Worst part was that DD was sound asleep and never has seemed to be bothered by the routine. I think it is great that your DH is dropping her off- we should have done that.

    The second day- I was totally fine! And now, when we get there in the morning- DD reaches for her so it makes me feel good that she is happy :-)

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  • In retrospect, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I did 3 half days before going back full time.  DD struggled a bit the first day.  She didn't drink her bottles, she seemed a little disoriented, when I picked her up, she immediately wanted to nurse.  I was so worried for day 2, but that day, she drank all her milk and seemed to adjust fully.  Now, she get visibly excited when my DH drops her off.  I love the way she smiles at me when I pick her up.  It's hard the first week, but it definitely gets easier.   
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  • The PP's had great advice. All I will add is that on the work side of things, don't expect to get ANYTHING done the first week. You will be disoriented and it will be hard to concentrate and get back in the swing of things. I also had the odd experience of feeling so "normal" back at work for the first time in 3 months, I sometimes found myself thinking, "did I REALLY have a baby?" Good luck! You will both do just fine.
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  • I felt like a terrible mother my first day back. I did not cry and I didn't miss her. I actually felt good being back at work and I don't even think DD know I was gone. I think its because I had been at home with her for 7 months and I was ready to get back into the workforce.

    Looking back now I wish I would of done some practice runs of our morning routines. I was so unprepared and unorganized the first week. I was always late to work and just felt frazzled. I thought I would be able to do everything myself in the mornings but I couldn't so I had to swallow my pride and ask my DH for help. Have as much done the night before, plans dinner..I have a "menu" on my fridge of what for dinner M-F and I try to have as much prepared the night before so I don't have much to do when I get home, have a glass every night after DD is in bed!

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