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NSNR/RP: School advice please

Need advice ladies! So I've waited the past 3 years for DH to graduate so I could go back to school. I have a bachelors degree that I don't use. I would have to go back for a masters degree before I could use my special ed degree (non teaching). I've decided to go back for nursing and am enrolled in classes for this semester, they actually started yesterday.

We are trying to pay down some debt, and we will incur some extra expenses soon. Higher gas bills bc of minnesota winter, daycare when I go to school, books/tuition for next semester and this one, brakes and tires on DHs car, starting to pay back his student loans in Nov. To name a few. I can still drop my classes for this semester and get a full refund. I can probably return my books-I bought 2 online and 1 in the bookstore. Tuition was $1500 plus around 2-300 for books. I can't go into/apply for a program until 2 yrs from now anyway. Would you drop the classes, save the money, and start back later? If I start later also Ds2 would not go to daycare, just DS1 to the preschool part. Thanks!

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Re: NSNR/RP: School advice please

  • I want to respond, but there are so many factors, I don't know... 

    (think on these, you don't actually have to answer them) 

    My main thoughts:

    How much more debt will you incur going to school?

    Can you afford to be further in debt?

    How long will it take to get out of debt (now or later)?

    If you choose to go to school first, and incur more debt, what is the likelihood that your income will be such that you will be able to pay off debt fairly soon after your degree is earned? 

    How important is it to your health/wellness/sanity to get out of the house and get this ball rolling? (that's important with a SN child!!)

  • Good points......

    Itll be about $4000 for the 2 semesters.

    Itll go on the CC. So yes technically we can "afford it". It'll take us a few months (hopefully) right now. Adding school....I'm not sure. We add school plus daycare.

    I wont graduate for 3 years. Id take prereqs right now. Skip a year and then go into a program. My other option is to not go for the next 2 years and then start and go straight through for 2 years.

    I don't mind staying home with DS2. I do worry tho that he will need more intensive ST after Mayo sees him and itll be a hassle on the schedule with school too.

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