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Are steamed oysters okay?

Does anyone know if steamed oysters are considered okay to eat?  The season is coming up and I love them!  I'll stay away from them if I have to but I can't find anywhere that says steamed oysters are not okay to eat.  All the websites talk about raw oysters. 

Re: Are steamed oysters okay?

  • Oysters are not high in mercury and if you steam them so they are cooked through I can't imagine why they wouldn't be okay.  :)  Dig in.

    article about mercury

  • Ditto, as long as they are steamed they are fine.  I asked our waitress to leave them in the steamer for a little longer than normal and then dug in.  Enjoy! 
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  • you guys just made my day! yum!!
  • high in zinc and b12!  Get them from a known source and eat them raw if you want.  My grandma had 12 kids and ate raw oysters and drank raw milk too.  She's 85 and in better health than many of her relatives.
  • In the guide that I got off of it says that farmed oysters are not just safe, but very healthy.  On the other hand, wild oysters are high in mercury or PCBs.
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  • I just wouldn't eat gulf coast oysters from Galveston bay. they are having a lot of problems & they don't seem worth the risk to me.
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