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Bladder Exstropy???

Hello there. I gave birth to my son, David, on 8/8/09 and he was born with his bladder on the outside of his body (bladder exstrophy) Is there anyone on the board who has gone through this? After completing some research, I realized that it only happens in about 400 births a year.  My son had surgery on 8/10/09 to put his bladder back inside his body and will have a reconstructive surgery after 6 months and then a surgery around 4 years to try to strenghten his bladder. TIA!!!
and the greatest of these is love......2/10/07 David Noah joined us 08/08/09 Proud BE mommy! Colbie Faith joined us 05/20/11!

Re: Bladder Exstropy???

  • Congratulations on your son!  He looks adorable in that little pic!

    While my son was in the NICU there was a little boy there that was born with an opening in his abdomin and his organs on the outside of his body.  Unfortunately I haven't talked to his parents since the day we left the NICU but I know that he was doing very well.  I have been meaning to try to find them so I will let you know if I do.

    Welcome to the board!

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