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Dr. Grabowski in long beach?

Has anyone seen or used this doctor? Im looking for a OB..your help is appreciated!

Re: Dr. Grabowski in long beach?

  • Hi, I am looking for an OB as well.  My gynecologist recommended Dr. Leslie Gonzalez on Bellflower in Long Beach - I haven't called for an appt yet because I am waiting on my insurance to kick in.  I have not heard of Dr. Grabowski, but if s/he was recommended by a friend I would say there is no harm in meeting them.  Referrals are always the best way to find somebody!
  • Dr. Grabowski used to be my GYN years ago and I really liked her.  My new OB is Dr. Ronlov in Long Beach and he is fantastic.  I don't know much about Dr. Gonzalez but she was on my list, too.  I also heard that Dr. Taymour (spelling?) was good.  He is my friend's DR and she loves him.  He also got great reviews, along with Dr. Ronlov, from the Labor and Delivery nurses at Long Beach Memorial.  Hope that helps
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  • I go to Dr. Gonzalez... I totally love her.. been going to her since I was 17... BUT .. I guess her office is kind of dirty?? I never really noticed it - mabye b/c I didnt want to.. but my mom came w/ me to an appt. recently and was pretty grossed out on how it was/wasnt kept up..then I actually started to realize that it is pretty gnarly for a doc. office... BUT I still see her HAHAH
  • In researching on the internet, I decided against going to Dr. Gonzalez.  A lot of the reviews said the same thing about the office being dirty, with cracks in the walls and on the floor, and old medical equipment, etc.  What really bothered me was that of all the doctors I compared, she was the only one that had paid out on some sort of malpractice suit.  It didn't give details as to what the allegations were, but she paid out close to $400K.  I decided to go with someone named Dr. Seth Kogan - the reviews for his practice are all really good and he is board certified.  My first appointment is the 31st - I can hardly wait!

     I remember Dr. Grabowski being on the list of people that I looked at, and although her patient ratings were good, they weren't as high as the doctor I decided to go with.  I guess the true test will be when I meet the guy and decide if I'm comfortable with him.  Good luck!

  • Has anyone heard anything about Dr. Douglas Smith with Harriman-Jones in Long Beach? I have had one appt. with him, but didn't get a good feel for him. Any recommendations for a doctor who has hospital privileges at Long Memorial Hospital?
  • We go to Dr. Reddy with Long Beach OBGYN. This group is FANTASTIC!!! We went to Dr. Taymour initially and while he is very smart, he doesn't have the greatest bedside manner. LB OBGYN delivers at Memorial. As I write this I realize the initial question was for Pediatricians, but then it seemed like obs came up. Anyway... for whatever it's worth :)
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