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Great OB for Sharp Mary Birch?

Hey Ladies,

I decided I would like to deliver at Sharp Mary Birch (even though I live in Carlsbad) and I'm looking for a great OB That delivers there.

I saw Dr. Blake on Monday and had a really bad experience. Anyone know have a great OB recommendation?


Re: Great OB for Sharp Mary Birch?

  • A co-worker reccomended Dr. Robert Barmeyer to me when I first found out I was KU.  I ended up going with UCSD & never saw him, but she's had all 3 of her babies w/ him & LOVES him. 858-499-2702
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  • image chankins14:
    A co-worker reccomended Dr. Robert Barmeyer to me when I first found out I was KU.  I ended up going with UCSD & never saw him, but she's had all 3 of her babies w/ him & LOVES him. 858-499-2702

    I used Dr. Barmeyer- he is a Sharp doctor and is located right next to Mary Birch. He is such a WONDERFUL doctor... When we are PG again, I plan to use him!

  • Women's Health Care is AWESOME! Its a group of all female OB's and they are located in the medical offices right across the street. I saw DR. McNally last year after my miscarriage and am currently seeing Dr. Huskey and absolutely LOVE her.
  • Anyone ever see Dr.Tajran?
  • If you end up needing a perinatologist (high risk, multiples etc.), I would recommend Dr Daneshmand with San Diego Perinatal Center.  He is wonderful!
  • Dr. Diamond is also a high risk OB with sharp and is FANTASTIC... he delivers at Mary Birch.... but his office is in Chula Vista.
  • My SIL delivered her 3 sons with Dr. Blake.  And she completely loves him.  I was present for the 3rd delivery and absolutely hated him.  She is TTC again and I have convinced her to use her medical to go to Best Start Birth Center because Dr. Blake is such a horrible doctor.  He induced her 3 weeks early for hypertension and then when her placenta wouldn't release they quickly put her under and pulled it out.  Didn't use any alternative methods like breastfeeding, etc. to release the placenta.  It was such a traumatic experience for me that I am doing a home birth to stay as far away from any doctor as possible - among other reasons. 

    So, I'm with you in your decision against Blake but don't have an alternative there for you, sorry.

  • Karilbarnes57-

    So I had to follow up with my OB after the ER visit and chose WHC from the recommendation here. I met with Dr. McNally and she is JUST who I need. Very calm, answered all of my questions, and even gave me a prescription for my migraines while I'm pregnant.


  • I'm with West Coast OBGYN. It's right across the street from Mary Birch and the docs are great.
  • I have seen her.  Not going to recommend her, I really don't want to go into the reasons on a public post, but would be happy to tell you my reasons through email.

    Good luck!

  • I'm a few days late on this post but I wanted to chime in for Dr. Barmeyer too - he is great. I had a later loss with my first pg, and he was so compassionate and caring. This time around I have had more luck and he's still great. I have several friends that have used him too and they've said nothing but great things. GL!
  • I was wondering what was wrong with Dr. Tajran.  I was planning on using her but haven't seen her much, just her nurse practitioner.  Should I be worried?  Please email me at [email protected] if you can

  • I have had 3 horrible experiences so far into my first pregnancy with Sharp Rees Stealy OBGYN, and I am only 11 weeks!  My first visit was with a NP Lisa O'Brian and it was demeaning and she would not write a Rx for my anti-nausea med (I really hate to say anything bad, especially since I am a Family Nurse Practitioner). I have since seen Dr. Shadi Omidi and Dr. Dana Chortkoff at SRS Del Mar location. I've had to wait at least an hour in the waiting room each time, they were unwilling to make referrals to dietitians (I am overweight and history of eating disorder). I have had to wait 5 days for refills on medications, blood pressure and nausea meds....and they were filled only after I called multiple times during the week. Totally  unacceptable. I really want to deliver at Mary Birch, but not worth the anxiety of going to uncaring doctors. I will switch to UCSD or Scripps.

    Anyways, hope this helps! If anyone knows of a good OBGYN, please let me know.

  • Any other news or info on Dr. Diamond?? I just found out he is my OB, hope he is wonderful!!!
  • How is Dr. Krietzer at Sharp Rees Stealy Scripps Poway? I recently switched to him because it is closer to home. I realize that making a 25 min drive each way to see an OB is a little far-- especially if I have to go weekly at the end! It adds up to about 1 hour for driving each time! Anyone has Dr. Krietzer??
  • I have been researching alot of doctors and found some pretty negative reviwes about doctor tarjan.  I have decided to go with Dr. Daneshmand after hearing nothing but wonderful reviews from him.  Also read great things about a fermale OB with a great staff named Alis Williams!! Hope this can help!  They both of course deliver at Mary Birch 
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