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Dr.Sears LIED!!!

I held him, I rocked him for 20 minutes.

As soon as I put him down he woke up.

Woe is me ;)


Re: Dr.Sears LIED!!!

  • I just had to tell you that this made me LOL.  I have been there, and I know the feeling.  If only babies had a "sleep" button Smile
  • Ha! So true, if only the books were always right...
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  • I like a lot of the Sears stuff but when it comes to sleep advice I'm always thinking Are You Serious?! I think that about the other sleep advisors, too :)
  • Rocking to sleep NEVER works for us. DS wakes up as soon as we put him down. When we put him down awake and soothe him in his crib, he does much better. It really depends on the baby.
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  • imageflutiefrostie:
    Rocking to sleep NEVER works for us. DS wakes up as soon as we put him down. When we put him down awake and soothe him in his crib, he does much better. It really depends on the baby.


    Ditto this.  We'd rub her tummy and stroke her nose and within minutes she'd be sleeping soundly all night long.  

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  • Man, I wished that worked for us, the soothing in the crib thing.

    What's bizarre is he goes down like a dream for his morning nap, but the afternoon one is a gong show.

  • LMAO too.  I put so much stock into that description of deep sleep he has, which of course is reached in the magical 20 minutes.  Sooooo not the case for us either!
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  • We called our son the Orbit Gum kid.  He'd be zonked and then the second his head hit the mattress big gummy grin like HELLLLOOOOOO!  

    White noise is your friend.  Turn on a blowdryer and see if that lulls him back to sleep. It worked for us.  We had a white noise machine, too.  The loud humming one.  That'll help keep him sleeping.

    It gets better, eventually, and then you have something else to contend with, like him chasing the dog, LOL!

  • DS would stay asleep if we put him down after 20 minutes.  of course, it took us awhile to learn that the 20 minutes for DS was 20 minutes AFTER he finally fell asleep.  In the early days, rocking to sleep took about 45 minutes.  Now it takes about 10-15 :)
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  • I've thought the exact same thing!  For us, the 20 minute rule was more like the 30 minute rule.  Most of the time anyway.  Some other days it was the 40 minute rule or the 10 minute rule.  The girl keeps me on my toes!
  • I never wait a certain time. I wait until her breathing is regular and it sounds like she is sleeping and then I do the arm test. Lift her hand slightly and let it drop. if its limb then she is ready to go down. Our highest success rate if DH takes he from me with one hand under her tushie and one supporting her head. Her lifts her up and draws her close to his body, walk to the bed, bends over and then slowly puts her down, tushie first. You can see we have perfected this to a science... :)
  • Yeah, it has yet to work for us.  FYI, I never responded to your questions on naps.  I have the No Cry Nap Solution and am trying to follow her suggestions for catnappers.  Mainly I'm trying to catch him at the moment he starts to stir, but before he is awake, and do something to soothe him to put him back to sleep - replacing a pacifier, putting my hand on his tummy, turning the vibrate or swing function back on if he's in a bouncer or rocker.  I've had mixed results, more negative than positive, but it has worked a couple of times.

    Now I'm back at work so it's harder to really expect results when I'm only able to do it on weekends - the grandparents have been doing a lot of sitting for us this month, and it's hard to explain the techniques to them and even harder to expect them to sit around and do it.  So for now I've just resigned myself to the fact that he's a catnapper for now and hope he'll grow into longer naps.

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