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How much money do you give for a Baptism??

I have a baptism to go to for one of DH's cousins this weekend - I just got a card - but how much money do I put in it - I have no clue.

I also have a graduation party next weekend - another one of DH's cousins graduated from the Police Academy - how much money do I put in his card.



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Re: How much money do you give for a Baptism??

  • IDK - it depends on how close they are to me and I also base it on how much they are paying per plate (if in Restaurant) and cover our plates and gift a little something extra.  I'm Italian and calculating how much to put into an envelope is an art my mom has perfected :) 

    If it was in someone's house I would give them both $100

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  • How old is the cousin getting baptized?  If it is an infant I wouldn't give cash.  If it is a young kid to teen I would give about $50.  Anyone older I wouldn't give cash.  For the graduate I would probably give about $100 (but anything between $50 and $100 would be acceptable).
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  • I usually give gifts for Baptisms.  I think I spend around $25-30 unless I'm really close to the baby, then I might go a little higher.

    For graduations, I usually do $40-50 if their not close to us and ~$75 if they are.  I've been told this is high though, so less should be totally fine. 

    ETA:  Holy crap, I can't imagine sending graduates $100 each. lol  That would have been almost $1k for us this year within 2.5 months! 

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  • For the baptism, probably $50. For the graduation from the Academy, $100?
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  • I usually do $50 for a baptism. Graduation, depending how close either $50 or $100.
  • 100 for Baptism or Graduation
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