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Maternity clothes

Where does everyone go for reasonable priced maternity clothes?

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  • Motherhood Maternity-Burlington Mall

    Motherhood-Natick- has all 3 maternity stores in one from higher end to everyday wear....on route 9

     Macy's Burlington-has a small maternity section-either hit or miss I feel

    Target-some of them have a better selection than others

    Online old navy/gap

     Hope this helps!!!

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  • kohls
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  • Is there really anywhere to get reasonably priced maternity clothes?  Even when things say they are on sale they are always more expensive than their comparable clothing item that isn't for maternity.  Ex. regular pants are definitely cheaper than maternity pants etc)  I am going broke trying to have enough clothes for work and play - I have to dress up for work and unfortunatley people recognize the outfits more than they do regular clothes, so I end up having to buy more so I don't look like I am re-wearing the clothes.
  • gap usually has good sales, and at target, it's pretty hit or miss.

     but I bought TONS of stuff from craigslist - people typically post pics of a few of their items for sale and you can get an idea of their "style" - so that it's not a waste of a trip. seriously, I probably spent about $100 on stuff from craigslist, as well as yard sales in my neighborhood and I have a great wardrobe to choose from. granted, not everything looks great when you come home and try it on, but when you've only spent a few bucks on that shirt, who cares? just email the poster and ask if the clothes are from the last year or so, that way you know that they're fairly current styles. and then you can buy what you really still need at stores like gap/target/motherhood and not feel totally ripped off. :)

    good luck!

  • I find Kohls yo be the best place and the cheapest...the clothes are just as comfy as Motherhood..but A LOT cheapier!!!

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