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I need help

Im 19 and 17 weeks pregnant i just moved back to ventura after living in texas for 4 years. I moved back because my ex-boyfriend who i only dated for less than 2 months and my babys father is a drug addict and all together very bad person. So now i am living with my dad for free but i have to pay for everything else i need myself but i spent the last of my money to get out here and away from the father. It is becoming aware to me that it is very difficult to find a job right now when you have no high school diploma and only waitressing experience. Im not sure how long wearing a rubber band to keep my pants buttoned is gonna hold up with my growing belly and im worried since i havent found a job already that im not going to. How am i going to afford baby stuff once i have my baby im so confused and alone in this im going crazy. I dont know what to do.

Re: I need help

  • Maybe you could try to get some state assistance, also you can go to the goodwill or look on craigslist to find some great deals on pregnancy clothing along with stuff you will need for the baby (i.e highchairs, strollers, clothes, ect) They also have some re-sale shops for kids that have stuff that is in great shape! Maybe you could pick up some babysitting jobs, filing at a office, light cleaning ( look on craigslist they have a ton of different jobs that you wouldnt need a lot of experience to do). Hope this helps =)
  • thanks but even goodwill and craigslist cost money to buy things and trust me ive applied for every job possible on craiglist on monster and yahoo and walking around town applying everywhere they would give me an application
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  • and i am on medical but im under 21 and living with a parent so i cant get any assistance besides health insurance
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    Are you sure you cant get CalWorks?  You should inquire further.  Also, maybe you should go to the Department of Child Support Services and see if they can help with any type of assistance. 
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  • well thank you for the calworks suggestion im looking into it but you cant recieve child support or even start a claim with them unless you have a born child and im quite aways away from that
  • You are most likly elligable to receive WIC.  They will give you coupons for food and drinks.  The coupons are different than Food Stamps and can be used at any store.  With them you will hyave enough food for the month.

    Also, be honest with your Father.  Acknowledge that you know he is disappointed and that you appreciate his help and you know you made a mistake.  Show him you efforts to make amends and provide for yourself and them ask him for a little extra help.  he may say no but, he may say yes. 

     Try reaching out to the local church.  They often have community outreach programs and may even have clothes available to you.  here is a suggestion

    Calvary Christian Fellowship of Ventura
    4221 East Main Street #C, Ventura 93003



  • Thanks, I was thinking about trying my old church but there very conservative and don't really help out people like me. I will definately try this church i want to start going anyways so thanks again.
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