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Pregnancy Photography?


Looking for pregnant models.  I am a professional photographer looking to expand my portfolio.  Is anyone here already pregnant with a belly and would like beautiful  pictures taken of them?  I will give the cd with all the pics I take to you for modeling!

 Call Marcie at 508-951-5960 for more information.


Re: Pregnancy Photography?

  • Hi Marcie- Im 30 weeks, with a full belly! Let me know if you already found your model, and if not I would be more than happy to help you out. You can reach me at any time at [email protected]



  • i'm very willing!  e-mail me any time [email protected]


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    BFP 9/16/08 HCG did not rise sufficiently; US confirmed ectopic prenancy 10/6/08 at 5w4d
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  • Hi,

    I would love to get pregnancy photos taken.  I am currently 28 wks 3 days. I was a size 4 prior to pregnancy.  Please lt me know if you are still looking.  My email is [email protected]



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