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What name(s) do you like?

We will be find out the sex of our little one in 3 weeks and have tossed around a few names. Please tell me what you think.

Boy: Levi Andrew or Cael Andrew

Girl: Emily Catherine, Zoe Lyn or Rebecca Lyn

Re: What name(s) do you like?

  • maybe Emily Catherine, but really all of them are nms

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  • I like them all..but just wanted to make sure that you were aware that there is a country song by Brian White called Rebecca Lynn.
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  • bekipbekip member
    I like them all but prefer Cael Andrew and Rebecca (because its my name!) Lyn
  • Emily Catherine!  It was on our list!  We went with Abigail Catherine though. 
  • I like both boys names, but Levi a bit better because it more familiar to me.  I think I like Rebecca best of the girls because it has the most options for nicknames (although some people are maintain formal names throughout their life, I've always had nn's so it's just something I consider).  GL!
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