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two jobs

ok well a few weeks ago i found out i might lose my job if i miss my july productivity. i work at jcpenney as a commission associate. i have been told that if i do miss it my last day will be on august 24. i have already started job hunting and i have been hired at walmart. the total of hours combined for both jobs will be a minimum  of 60 hours a week. i am planning to keep both jobs until i am dissmissed from jcp. i am 28 weeks and in my third trimester. i have no idea if i should just tell wal mart to forget about it and worry about getting a job later or if i should try to tough it out. any advice?

Re: two jobs

  • Well I say wait until the 24th and see what happens. If you get to keep your job then just stay at jcpenny's. Not need to stress over 60 hours of work when you're in your 3rd tri. That's what I would do.


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