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HELP me with girl names pleeeeeease

Ok, so if DH and I have a boy we are going with Blake and we are set in stone on that.

  The problem comes with girl names.  It is NMS to choose a really popular name, but I don't like names that are too off the wall either.  Every suggestion I come up with DH doesn't like.  The only name we both like at this point is Brenna and we don't both LOVE it.  I like Brenna Noelle, but DH does not. 

So I need your ladies help with a mn that goes with Brenna, but also other girl names that would sound nice with Blake (in case we have a boy down the road).  My last name ends with -an so names that end with that same sound don't seem to go. 

Thanks for your help! 

Re: HELP me with girl names pleeeeeease

  • I think Brenna Lynn would be cute but if you say it too fast it might sound like a long first name.

     Brenna Layne/Laine/Lane might be a little different but I think it sounds cute too. GL!

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  • Brenna Maeve
    Brenna Elise
    Brenna Cate
    Brenna Louise
    Brenna Juliet

    As for other names, what about...

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  • I know a Brenna Leanne.  I know you said your last name ends in -an, but I think it could work.  This little girl's last name ends in -on. 

    Other thoughts I have: Grace, Elizabeth, Nicole, Leigh

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  • I like Brenna Grace.
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  • sorry i didnt see the your ename ends in -an part!

    i like Brenna leigh

  • Go in search of other names if you don't love this one.  They are out there.  You both can find something else that you are more happy with....
  • Brenna Kathleen was in my top 5 when pregnant with dd.

    Other names similar to Brenna that you both might like: Brynn or Jenna.

    You could also try and type in Brenna as your inspiration and might find a name both you and dh love. You have plenty of time still to pick a name so don't settle this early on.

  • My cousin has a DD named Brenna Ruth.
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    I like the suggestion of Brenna Layne and also love Brenna Claire and Brenna Kate!
  • Brenna is OK, but I don't love it.

    What about Brenna Nicole?

    I also like Brynn and Briana

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  • If you don't love it, keep looking. You have a long way to go. I thought it would take forever for us to agree on a name we loved but one day we just stumbled upon one. You'll find one you love!

    P.S. I love the name Blake too!

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