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Recommend Your Umbrella Stroller

We will be traveling soon and we are looking into buying a umbrella stroller. What do you recommend? We would like something that reclines and has a large canopy and obvioulsy light weight and cheap enough that we won't mind when it gets beat up at the airport.  We were looking at a chicco, the maclaren volo, inglesina swift, and the citi micro (the umbrella version of the citi mini). Any suggestions?


Re: Recommend Your Umbrella Stroller

  • We just got a Maclaren volo recently, and I absolutely LOVE that thing! ?It is the best darned stroller ever (and i've had quite a few). ?It pushes like a dream, has a great sunshade, and is lightweight enough to carry it on your shoulder when not using it. ?But, I wouldn't say that it's cheap enough to let it get beat up at the airport...
  • I agree with sister traveled frequently with her more expensive stroller and no problems, but it took one bad flight for the airlines to snap the handle off of it (and then they couldn't find the handle so she couldn't try to fix it).

    BRU has a $30 umbrella stroller that I bought for airplane reminds me of a cheap version of the Chicco.  It's lightweight, the canopy is decent enough, but it only has a 3 point harness and does not recline. 


  • Maclaren, definitely. I've had our triumph since DS was 6 months and have taken it on 10+ flights, no damage and still pushes like a dream. Just bought a Volo which I love even more, it's so light and solid, I have already taken it on 3 flights.
  • We have the Chicco Capri and we love it.  DD just chills out in it and it's very light weight.
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  • Another vote for the Maclaren Volo...yea, it's not the cheapest umbrella stroller, but it is durable and lightweight...and for those of us on the tall side (my DH and me), it's way more comfortable to push than most umbrella strollers.  I bought mine when DD was 6 months old...she's almost 3 now and it has been used on many an airline flight, with no problems. In fact it's really the only stroller we use, so it has gotten plenty of abuse.

     One negative for the list of requirements you had--it does not recline.



  • Thanks to all for your recs. I was about to get the Volo but went with the Inglesina Swift instead. I loved the Maclaren but it was more than what I would of llike to have spent.


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