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MN help please...

We are trying to narrow down girl names, but I can't decide whether I want to use a name unless I can find some good choices for mn.

One name we are considering for a girl is Emilia Kate. We are also considering the name Annika (we will pronounce it Anne-ica), but I haven't really thought about a mn yet. I don't like it with Kate because of the k at the end of the first name. So, give me some ideas : )

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  • Emilia Kate is beautiful!
  • I love Annika, it's on our list if we have a girl too!  What about Annika Rose?  Annika Mae?
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  • Emilia Kate





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    I like Emilia Kate a lot.

    MN for Annika:

    Annika Grace

    Annika Wren

    Annika Louise


  • Love Annika!

    annika marie

    annika corrine

    annika terese


  • Annika Belle

    Annika Claire

    Annika Grace

    Annika Jade

    Annika Greer

    Annika Tess

    Annika  Laurel



  • Annika Lauren 

    Annika Pearl

    Annika Danielle 

    Annika Violet 

    Annika Faith 

    Annika Isabelle 

    Annika Penelope 

    Annika Lucy 

    Annika Maria 

  • Stick with Emilia Kate; it's gorgeous... I'm not a huge fan of Annika.  GL!
  • Well, my first name is Jannika (J sounds like a y).  I've "American-ized" the pronounciation a little bit because it's just easier for people. haha.  So, most people know me as yahn-eh-ka.  The "a" should really sound like the a at the end of banana.  Anyway!  My middle name is also Swedish but I like how it sounds together.  It's Karin, pronounced car-in. 

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