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T-shirt Tranfers/Embroidery/Etc

So I want to design an image that I then want transferred on a t-shirt. Screenprinted/tranferred/ whatever. But I just want one. How do I do this? Do they sell a kit to use with the paper/etc at a craft store? Or is there an Etsy seller I could email my .jpg to?
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Re: T-shirt Tranfers/Embroidery/Etc

  • There's probably an Etsy seller; a couple of years ago I got a kit from Target or Walmart for the Iron On transfer - just printed it from our regular printer (reversed image) and it went on very well.
  • office depot, walmart, places like that sell iron on transfer kits where you just print it from your computer. 
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  • i j/ used an iron on transfer that i got from wal-mart. super easy and cheap
  • GREAT!    Thanks ladies!
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