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Thoughts on a middle name

So DH and I are still trying to decide on a middle name.  The first name is going to be Adriana for sure.  The three middle names we have are Rose, Marie, and Sophia.  Ironically two of those are names on the Golden Girls (not on purpose).  MH likes the Italian type names and our last name is Italian ending in O.  Any thoughts?

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  • I like Adriana Sophia a lot.
  • I like Adriana Rose or Adriana Sophia  :)
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  • I like Adriana Rosemarie.
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    I like Adriana Rosemarie.

    I like this too, it's unique and feminine, and you get to use two of your mn choices!

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  • I like Adriana Marie. I think Adriana Sophia has too many a's especially if you have an last name ending in o, might be a mouthful.
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  • Rose or Sophia are very nice!
  • I like the Golden Girls names the best (lol) with Adriana.  I don't think Sophia flows as well as the other 2.
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